The toughest politics quiz ever

Can you make these near impossible choices? Even some politicians can’t. If you were Prime Minister, all your choices would impact millions of lives.

What does YOUR Britain look like?

Would you rather…

More energy efficient homes?

Cutting people’s fuel bills would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but is a big spending commitment.

Or less crowded prisons?

Campaigners say this would reduce violence and reoffending, but would increase the already huge cost of keeping people in prison.

Would you rather…

Higher defence spending?

Some MPs say it’s crucial to maintain Britain’s international reputation, but it could also mean higher taxes.

Or cheaper childcare?

Subsidies could help parents get back into work, but might mean higher taxes for everyone.

Would you rather…

A higher state pension?

Slashing pensioner poverty could save money elsewhere, particularly in the NHS, but could enrage young people who feel you’re doing nothing to help them.

Or higher housing benefit?

Reducing in-work poverty would improve many kids’ prospects, but could encourage landlords to increase rents even further.

Would you rather…

Ultra-fast broadband to every household in the UK?

Win over country-dwellers clogging up the transport system, but some will say there’s more basic ‘bread and butter’ issues needing solving first.

Or your energy bill cut in half?

A great way to cut excess winter deaths, but if handed badly could increase greenhouse emissions.

Would you rather…

A limit to rent increases?

A huge help for low earners and young people without well-off parents, some say it could make rental homes more scarce.

Or scrapping tuition fees?

Freeing graduates from debt repayments could help them save or buy a house, but critics say it’s expensive and the money is better spent on the poorest in society.

Would you rather…

Tougher border checks?

Some say we need better protection from terrorism, but long queues after a holiday test even a Brit’s patience.

Or more money for the NHS?

Medical staff say the service is at crisis point, but the costs keep on rising, and mean tax rises unless something else is cut.

Would you rather…

Cheaper train fares?

Help get people out of their cars, but people far from a train station will feel left out.

Or better care for older people?

More dignity for older people, and less strain on family members, but would need to be paid for by a generation that feels cheated by the government.

Would you rather…

Stronger protection for the environment?

Protect nature and the planet for future generations, but business will complain of higher costs.

Or £1 off a litre of petrol?

Be lauded as the king of the road, but drive our greenhouse gas emissions into the stratosphere.

Now find out what impact your choices had.